INSEPTIO - Premium Wooden Products

  • Wooden Cake Stands & Pedestals
  • Tree Bark Serving Trays
  • Tensegrity Tables
  • Tree Stump Cupcake Stand
  • Oval Rustic Food Trays
  • Wood Platters With Bark
  • Tree Trunks Centerpieces

Premium Hand made wooden products

Wooden Poplar Cut

Wood slices for wedding centerpieces

  • These fresh cut wood slices are cut perfectly level with professional equipment and brushed clean!
  • Beautiful bark is part of what makes a wood slice look amazing. 
  • We have a tree farm that we’re able to cut wood off of. This allows us to pick out the absolute best wood for our customers, each and every week. 
  • We make sure to package your wood slices in lot of bubble wrap to protect your wood rounds in transit.

Large Rustic Wooden Slice with Cat

  • A beautiful centerpiece for your country style dining table.
  • It can be used as a Serving plate or also as a Wall Decor. Gorgeous live edge board with hand made cat decoupage picture.
  • Lovely hand crafted rustic decoupage log slice approximately 12 inches in size.
  • This is a log slice, the decoupage is finished with a protective seal which you can wipe clean.
  • All wood products in this store are made from selected naturally fallen trees.
Cat Painting on Wooden Tray
Wooden Cake Stand

Rustic Cake Stand

  • These wooden cake stand is perfect for a centerpiece or displaying a cake on at your wedding or holiday gathering.
  • Many cake stands will not support the weight of a wedding cake and can easily be tipped over. Our stands are design with a wide bottom base to prevent any unhappy mishaps.
  • It is very strong and sturdy and will hold a several platformed cake without worries.
  • Our Wooden Cake Stands make a great keepsake for you to use for years to come.

Rustic Oak Wood Slices

  • Oak slices will be great as rustic wedding decor, table centerpieces or even drink coasters.
  • These slices are made of oak-tree. Slices are smoothly sanded and treated with linseed oil.
  • When wooden slices are treated with linseed oil they do not get stains so easily.
  • Available in bulk for wedding and event decor.
  • Quality cuts personally sliced. Natural imperfections are kept to add to the charm.
Oak Cut
Wooden Tray

Wood Serving Tray with Handles

  • This wooden tray is a great gift for weddings, showers, housewarmings and so much more! It creates a simple, yet elegant look in any home.
  • All items are sanded, stained and varnished by hand.
  • Each wood piece is unique and different due to the knots and grains of natural wood. We believe this is what makes working with wood so special!
  • Each piece that we create is something special and we do our best to ensure a high quality product!

Sweet Live Edge Oval Wood Slice with decoupage

  • Vintage Looking Wall Hanging or Serving Tray Oval Live Edge Wood Slice.
  • Our wood slices are only cut from trees already fallen. Woods vary, we have mostly hardwood. This set is hardwood.
  • The bark on these slices usually last for a long time but occasionally some may fall off in time.
  • A special holiday gift or addition to your own holiday decor.
Fish painting wooden tray

Other products you can buy

Soviet Russian Army Kit Box AI-2

Soviet Russian Army Kit Box AI-2

  • Original Soviet Army AI-2 military aid kit.
  • Widely used as atomic war protection medicine kit for soldiers and civilians.
  • Most popular first aid Russian medical kit for combat wounds.
  • For Cosplay and Apocalyptic games.
  • Taken directly from Russian military surplus warehouses.

Soviet & Russian Army Helmet

  • Original Soviet Army  military Helmet.
  • Made in USSR.
  • Material: Stainless Steel & Leather. Includes Adjustable Helmet Liner and chin strap. Universal size.
  • This is the helmet most commonly associated with the Soviet Union during WWII and after.
  • The SSh-39, SSH-40  and SSh-60 were steel combat helmets designed and used by the Red Army. They were the main forms of helmet in use during World War II and after and had only minor differences.
Soviet Gasmask GP-5 black

Russian Gas Mask, Gp5 Gas Mask Soviet, Old USSR Military Gas Mask, Soviet Surplus Russian Gasmask, Black Gp 5 Gas Mask For Cosplay Or Military Gas Mask Collection

  • GENUINE RUSSIAN GAS MASK FROM USSR SURPLUS warehouses. Over 40 years old. Great for play, gift or private collection.
  • THIS BLACK GP5 RUSSIAN GAS MASK IS DURABLE AND ROBUST. The mask is made of high quality rubber meant to survive under the worst conditions. Glass lenses. The rest is metal.
  • Suitable for POST-APOCALYPTIC GAMES, Chernobyl, stalker, metro type games, military games, survival games, role playing, outdoors.
  • GP-5 GAS MASK has been one of the most mass produced gas masks in the Soviet Union. It has been a widely used Chernobyl gas mask.
  • THIS SOVIET MASK CAN BE A NICE ENHANCEMENT to your military gas mask collection.

It is a legit Russian army surplus gas mask. GP-5 gas mask has been mass-produced during the 60s, 70s and 80s in the Soviet Union. 

The GP5 gas mask on sales has been warehoused for about 40-50 years. Nowadays old ussr gas mask surplus goes for utilization or recycling. You can look up the production year on the left side of the gas mask. 

For example, 80… means that your gp5 gas mask has been produced in the year 1980, 3rd quarter. This Russian gp5 gas mask can become a nice addition to your army gas mask military collection. 

You can wear this soviet gas mask for Halloween or as a post-apocalyptic cosplay costume.

PBF Soviet Gasmask Homiak

  • Rare Soviet military PBF gas mask Homiak, in English “Hamster”.  
  • PBF Homiak is a modified copy of the American gas mask M17, and was first introduced to the Soviet army in 1973.
  • The PBF gasmask was specially designed for tank and paratrooper units. It is compact and comfortable to use. 
  • This Soviet Army gas mask was designed to protect from biological aerosols, poisons, gases, chemicals and dust, etc. 
Russian Gas Mask PBF Homiak
  • However, filters will last for only for 20 minutes. After that the PBF gas mask protects only from dust.
  • The gas mask has a conversation / voice device and comes with a bag. 
  • The Gas Mask is in good condition. It was never used. However, it laid for 40 years in a military warehouse.
Soviet Army Soldier Bag

Russian Military Backpack

  • Soviet Army Soldiers Backpack
  • This backpack is also called veschmeshok, knapsack and sidr.
  • It was produced during the Soviet Union period.
  • Used by Soviet soldiers and in Russian Army nowadays.
  • Good choice for every man or woman who is frequently camping, hiking, trekking, traveling or someone who is a fan of outdoor, survival or history games.
  • A solid multifunctional backpack with several compartments for combat, range, survival or hunting.

Soviet GP7 gas mask

  • Russian GP-7 was designed to protect civilians from radioactive fallout during the Cold War. 
  • It is made from strong latex rubber that creates a complete seal around the face. 
  • GP-7 was designed based on PMK1 military Soviet gas mask. It is an upgraded version of GP-5 gasmask
  • It comes with a 40mm filter. Every other major Soviet type gas mask filter will fit its thread. Surprisingly, even the new NATO filters can also be used with it, they screw on without a problem.

Soviet Surplus White GP-5 Gas Mask

  • This standard GP-5 white gas mask comes with a simple cloth bag, the mask, a filter and anti-fog stickers.
  • The mask is rather simple, it does not have many features modern gas masks poses.
  • The white GP-5 Soviet Gas Mask has round lenses, a standard Soviet Russian GOST 40mm filter intake and an exhalation valve.
  • This civilian gas mask does not have a voice diaphragm and drinking tubes.

Soviet PDF Gas Mask made for children

  • It was issued to children during the Cold War in fear of a nuclear attack. 
  • Production of gas masks for children started in the Soviet Union  in the 1950’s and continues in modern Russia till nowadays.  
  • The mask has a hose which connects the mask to a filter. The hose is an integral part of this Soviet gasmask because connecting the filter directly to the mask would make it too heavy for children.
  • A filter was connected to the hose and placed in a small cloth bag which the child had to wear on the chest, taking the weight off the mask for more mobility. 
Small Children Gas mask PDF 2 Russian
Very old Soviet Gasmask GP-4-U

Old Style Soviet WW2 Type GP-4 Gas Mask

  • Production of the GP-4 started in 1955 and ended in 1974. 
  • GP-4 Gasmask comes with an irremovable hose kept in place by a band. The exhalation valve is in a metal assembly.
  • Because of the mask’s simplistic design, it does not have a voice diagram and fogs up very easily.
  • Like other Cold War Era GP series masks, it comes with a green bag with several pockets and one button.