Russian Gas Mask, Gp5 Gas Mask Soviet, Old Ussr Military Gas Mask, Soviet Surplus Russian Gasmask, Black Gp 5 Gas Mask For Cosplay Or Military Gas Mask Collection

  • GENUINE RUSSIAN GAS MASK FROM USSR SURPLUS warehouses. Over 40 years old. Great for play, gift or private collection.
  • THIS BLACK GP5 RUSSIAN GAS MASK IS DURABLE AND ROBUST. The mask is made of high quality rubber meant to sivive under the worst conditions. Glass lenses. The rest is metal.
  • Suitable for POST-APOCALYPTIC GAMES, Chernobyl, stalker, metro type games, military games, survival games, role playing, outdoors.
  • GP-5 GAS MASK has been one of the most mass produced gas masks in the Soviet Union. It has been a widely used Chernobyl gas mask.
  • THIS SOVIET MASK CAN BE A NICE ENHANCEMENT to your military gas mask colletion.


It is a legit Russian army surplus gas mask. GP-5 gas mask has been mass produced during the 60s, 70s and 80s in the Soviet Union. The GP5 gas mask on sales has been warehoused for about 40-50 years. 

Nowadays old ussr gas mask surplus goes for utilization or recycling. You can look up the production year on the left side of the gas mask. For example, 80… means that your gp5 gas mask has been produced in the year 1980, 3rd quarter. 

This russian gp5 gas mask can become a nice addition to your army gas mask military collection. You can wear this soviet gas mask for Halloween or as a post-apocalyptic cosplay costume.