Medium drinking straws

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  • length: 20 cm.   diameter: 9-11 mm.
  • best for smoothies & shakes
  • natural cane grass
  • great for hot & cold beverages
  • safe and allergen-free
  • tasteless and odorless
  • biodegradable and compostable
  • never soggy
  • a great alternative to paper & plastic

Medium drinking straws suit best for hot and cold drinks, milkshakes, cocktails, or juices.

Medium drinking straws suit best for hot and cold drinks, milkshakes, cocktails, or juices.

Medium drinking straws – 100% organic & Biodegradable

They are reusable, sustainable, chemicals & plastic-free.

Medium drinking straws - 100% organic & BiodegradableMedium Cane drinking straws can be used as a drinking straw for both hot and cold drinks, does not matter if these are chilled smoothies or hot tea with milk.

Medium drinking straws are all-natural. They are made from cane stems.

They are not processed.

The production process is minimal – cane is cut, washed, dried, and packed.

Reed drinking straws are 100% biodegradable. After use you can compost them in your garden or in municipal facilities.

They will biodegrade within months and are not going to harm the environment even a bit.

How to use them?

Medium Cane straws are perfect for hot drinks

Medium Cane straws are perfect to use for hot drinks because they do not get soggy.

Cane straws are made from grass stems that are not sensitive to high liquid temperatures.

You can pour hot boiling water right on the cane straw and it is not going to affect it.

It will not lose its shape or become soggy.

Medium reed drinking straws are durable and robust.

If you wish, you can reuse them multiple times.

All you have to do is wash and dry the straw.

When properly washed and dried, medium cane drinking straws will last for weeks if not months.

Medium Cane straws are perfect for smoothies and thick beverages

After plastic straws got banned in many places, it got tricky to drink a thick Mcdonald’s type milkshake.

Paper drinking straws get soggy after about 10 minutes.

After some time you can also get a paper aftertaste which can ruin your drink experience.

Our medium reed drinking straws do offer a perfect replacement to plastic straws.

They are strong and durable.

They have a wide diameter, so you can suck up any drink without difficulties.

A milkshake takes time. No worries. You have plenty of time.

You can leave a cane straw in a milkshake for hours. It will not get soggy or shapeless.

And last, but not least.

Our reed medium drinking straws are cheap compared to bamboo, iron, or glass straws.

Reed straws are much stronger and more durable than paper or hay straws.

Where do medium drinking straws come from?

Medium drinking straws are produced in Ukraine.

Cane rapidly grows during the summer.

By October the cane plant reaches a height of around 2-4 meters.

In the winter cane has to be cut down, otherwise dry cane fields eventually catch fire and cause fires which are only a match to wildfires in California.

Dry cane is cut, washed, sorted, and packed for shipment.

Cane is completely natural and organic.

It is a wild plant. No pesticides or enhancements are used to grow it.

Being completely natural, medium drinking straws are organic, do not cause allergies, and are completely safe.

No chemicals, additives, inks, or dyes are used during the production process, therefore, cane straws are suitable for children and the elderly.

Cane straws do not have any sharp edges.