Large drinking straws

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  • length: 20 cm.   diameter: 11-14 mm.
  • best for smoothies & shakes
  • 100% organic
  • great for hot & cold beverages
  • safe and allergen-free
  • tasteless and odorless
  • biodegradable and compostable
  • never soggy
  • a great alternative to paper & plastic

Large drinking straws suit best for smoothies & milkshakes, bubble tee, thick cocktails, hot or cold beverages.

Large drinking straws suit best for smoothies & milkshakes, bubble tee, thick cocktails, hot or cold beverages.

Jumbo drinking straws

Extra-wide organic reed reusable smoothie straws – great for bubble tea, boba tea, and milkshakes.

If you’re specifically looking for straws to be wide enough to drink your thick smoothies, these are the straws for you.

Our large drinking straws are truly huge, wide, and strong.

They are perfect for smoothies, thick cocktails, or milkshakes.

How to use Large Drinking straws?

Reed Jumbo drinking strawsLarge drinking straws have unique physical and mechanical properties.

They are very strong, thick, and have a wide diameter.

You can use large drinking straws to drink milkshakes and smoothies.

Does not matter how icy the milkshake is.

Does not matter how thick the smoothy is.

You can use the large drinking straw and it will do the job perfectly.

You can leave a cane straw in a smoothy for hours.

It is not going to get soggy or lose its shape.

Reed is a sustainable material

Reed is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth.

During its growing season from April till October reed grass reaches a height from two to four meters.

In winter months reed has to be harvested.

Dry reed plants which are not harvested easily catch fire and cause a lot of trouble for the locals.

After harvesting part of the reed is used to produce roof materials.

Some of it is used to produce floor carpets.

However, most of the harvested reed is used as fuel in wood stoves.

A big part of reed straw is simply burned in the fields just to prevent wildfires.

Using reed to produce reed straws not only provides us with a robust and cheap replacement for plastic straws, but it also helps us to protect local ecosystems.

Reed straw production helps locals to earn additional income in some of the poorest places on earth.

Large drinking straws are eco-friendly, organic & reusable

Large drinking straws are eco-friendly, organic & reusableYou get 100 straws per box

Cane grass straws are a green alternative that’s better than paper straws, plastic straws, and other alternatives on the market.